1st Choice East TN Real Estate is designed for Real Estate Offices, Auctioneers, and Real Estate Agents. 

Sorry we only accept Tennessee State Licensed Real Estate & Auction  Companies. Being a real estate agent for last eight years I have witnessed a barrage of new State & Federal Laws concerning the sale of real estate, primarily the sale of your principle residence. Property Disclosures, Lead Based Paint Disclosures, Equal Housing Issues, Condition Disclosures & the list goes on. Any violation can carry a hefty fine and not knowing is not a excuse. They will not accept that. In short find an agent, best shop around, but get a Real Estate Agent or Auctioneer in your area, then tell them you want to see your listing on 1st Choice East TN Real Estate: www.easttnrealestate.com

Now here's the rest of the story.


1st Choice East TN Real Estate is designed to give you the most for your Internet Advertising Dollar. As well as unmatched search ability.

Getting Started

you can reach us at 

E-mail: wrightz@planetc.com


Dragon Designs

P.O. Box 280

Bean Station, TN 37708-0280

We will promptly respond and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your company's internet needs.




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