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This site has been optimized for speed. Pages will load fast on almost any connection speed, most pages load in less than 30 seconds @ a 28k connection, several load in less than 5 seconds @28k. 

You will find a lot of interactive links ( hover buttons, so pass pointer across screen to get full effect ) that should make it easy to find your way around, and you will also find a link bar at the bottom of each page that will take you to each section of this site.    

We have tried to include links as well as area information covering the Greater East TN Area, and will continue to add as we grow and expand.

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As you make your way through 1st Choice East TN Real Estate there are a couple of things to keep it mind. 

To look at area information, go to East TN Counties page and choose county ,this will take you to a page with links to other pages containing info and links for that county. This link will appear as East TN Counties (in link bar at bottom of page) or as


From there follow the appropriate links to find property most fitting your needs. 

Also you will find a link bar like the one below at the bottom of each page, it will take you to each section of this site.


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